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EOC Partners

EOC recognizes that home, school, and community all influence the educational potential of all students; thus, we understand the importance of educational partners to increase access to resources for student. In our efforts to provide the best possible educational opportunities to our participants, EOC staff maintains active partnerships with a wide range of organizations in order to encourage our diverse participant population, with different educational needs, to pursue a postsecondary education. These partnerships include:

  • Schools (High Schools, Vocational, Career, Technical)
  • Universities & Community Colleges
  • Community organizations
  • Family-oriented organizations
  • GED® programs
  • Adult literacy programs
  • Veteran serving programs

With a strong community component, EOC works with various programs and organizations such as homeless shelters, general education programs, community education organizations, missions and charities.

EOC believes partnerships are necessary for achievement and supports active collaboration with organizations and programs in Bernalillo, Valencia, and Torrance Counties.

If you would like more information on an EOC partnership or would like to establish a partnership with EOC, please contact Marcial Martínez by phone at (505) 277-2203 or by email at