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Student Services Office of Student Affairs University of New Mexico

EOC Program Description:

EOC helps our participants enter, re-enter or transfer to a postsecondary education program. Our target population is low-income adults whose parents did not attend college, however we are not limited to only serving that population.

The first hurdle many of our target population face in getting into college is the lack of a high school diploma, and so our first objective is to help those participants without a diploma obtain their GED® diploma, through providing GED study resources, referrals and waivers to pay for the GED test.

Once our participants have a diploma, we can provide almost any service that will support their efforts to get into college, but mainly focus on career planning, deciding on a major or certificate program, applying to the college of their choice, applying for financial aid, finding additional scholarships to meet their financial need, and financial planning.

We currently document the services provided to each participant, and can provide documentation on the following Student Services KPIs: